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Our Mission

Today all industries must rethink their ways of doing things and this includes  pharmacies. Our choices today will determine the lives our children lead tomorrow. Our goal is to bring together pharmacies that stand out for their leadership in offering eco-responsible options that reduce plastic waste.

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Our first  project

Every year hundreds of millions of plastic vials are used on a single-use base. We believe an important proportion of these vials could be replaced with more sustainable vials. Highly reusable, easy to clean, chemically stable glass vial.​

Our vision

Encouraging health care professionals to be more active regarding the environnemental issues that are also health issues since there is no health without a healthy environment.

Your support


We need your support to implement concrete changes. Share the information, follow our page and fill the contact form so that we can keep you posted about initiatives in your area. 

Be informed of upcoming developments!

Thank you for your support!

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