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My name is Sarah Fizazi, mother of two, concerned citizen about the environmental issues and pharmacist in Montreal. In Canada only, we can estimate that hundreds of millions of plastic bottles are used in pharmacies every year. With only 9% of plastic being recycled, and considering that plastic remains in the environment for centuries, endangering marine life, we believe that reducing and reusing is the real key to make changes. What's more, scientific literature mentions that most plastics can potentially release estrogenic-like components which makes it also a health issue. That's how we decided to implement a glass, zero-waste option. The Green Vials can be safely disinfected at home with a determined protocol in order to be reused as long as possible and avoid creating unnecessary plastic waste. Many green pharmacies have shown leadership on this issue and offer the Green Vial option to their respective communities (list and map available at the "Pharmacies" section).

How to help?


Share and educate people around you about ecohealth issues and ideas for concrete actions we can take. The more we are, the faster it will be  the change.  


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